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Jensen JTA-980 3-Speed Turntable w/CD Recorder, Cassette & AM/FM Radio

Jensen JTA-980 3-Speed Turntable w/CD Recorder, Cassette & AM/FM Radio
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Jensen JTA-980 3-Speed Turntable w/CD Recorder, Cassette & AM/FM Radio


Jensen JTA980 V1 CD

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This Jensen JTA-980 belt driven turntable includes a CD player, CD player recorder and a cassette player for all your listening needs. The front loading CD player comes equipped with random, repeat, programmable memory, skip and search functions. It is also compatible with CD-R and CD-RW discs. The CD recorder can be used to record to your CD from your turntable, CD or cassette player. The cassette player comes equipped with a one button fast forward and eject function key. This player can be used as a stand-alone music system because it is equipped with an AM/FM radio and dual stereo speakers. The AM/FM radio has an easy to use rotary knob for quick station search. The turntable features a dust cover and is belt-driven and allows you to spin at three speeds: 33, 45 and 78 RPM. Other features include: 3.5mm headphone jack, X-bass button, RCA line-out jacks, auxiliary input jack for connecting your iPod, MP3 or other digital audio players, blue backlit LCD display and remote control.

Out of stock

Product Details
Product Length:7.0 inches
Product Width:9.0 inches
Product Height:8.0 inches
Product Weight:4.0 pounds
Package Length:21.0 inches
Package Width:14.5 inches
Package Height:10.5 inches
Package Weight:17.75 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 64 reviews

  • Jensen JTA-980 3-Speed Turntable w/CD Recorder, Cassette & AM/FM Radio

  • Belt Driven 3-Speed Stereo Turntable: 33/45/78 RPM

  • CD Player/Recorder with Dual Front Loading Trays

  • Cassette Player with One Button Function

  • Dual Stereo Speakers

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:3.0 ( 64 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

80 of 84 found the following review helpful:

3Good unit BUT...  Aug 24, 2011 By LMINTEL
This is a good unit for someone who wants to spend a lot of time manually recording cassettes. I bought it mainly for this purpose because I have a LOT of cassette tapes. My biggest issue with it was that it didnt have a rewind key for the cassette, nor a pause button. Two essentials (for me) for recording tapes. The one-touch (one-funtion) button for the cassette was just unacceptable for a unit of this price. My other issue was the lack of volume. I am NOT a person who likes to play my music at skull-splitting levels, but the maximum volume on this unit barely made it to comfortable,even for my modest taste, so those of you who like to break the music sound barrier wouldnt be happy with it. You also have to manually separate every track, unless you want all of your songs on one track. That means you cant start recording and go off and do other things until recording is finished. And the mode display was microscopic...literally. I had to use a magnifying glass to read the display, which was fully large enough to make the display info readable.
Other than these issues, it was a good unit, but I had to send it back because I just couldnt justify the price against its faults. Its fit, finish, and sound quality (minus the pun intended) were very good, and it is a quality unit otherwise.

50 of 53 found the following review helpful:

5Just the Ticket.  Aug 15, 2011 By Gordon
The Jensen JTA-980 Stereo Turntable Music System has made for an attractive addition. The User Manual could be more specific and I initially stumbled to a halt. My problem was quickly rectified by kindly advice from Spectra Customer Service(Sylvia), who politely informed me of the corrective steps to acheiving success.
I've already tested the CD, phono' and cassette recording systems, finding them all, to give great reprodutive discs.
Thank-you Jensen, Amazon,, Spectra and USPS for providing an excellent product and great service.

23 of 23 found the following review helpful:

1Very disappointing purchase  Oct 03, 2011 By T. Wills "AzNetCowboy"
I am very disappointed in this unit. Not only did CD Drive 1 (of the 2 CD drives) not work, I could not get anything to record (to CD Drive 2). I liked the fact the cabinet was wood, but that's about it. The totally manual record player was really a short-coming for a unit costing what this cost me. I have returned it for a refund as I do not want to try a replacement.

13 of 13 found the following review helpful:

2jta-980  Dec 21, 2011 By Jesse D
it is smaller than the picture description and the LP cover does not close with a 33LP playing and the touch pads did not respond on command

11 of 11 found the following review helpful:

1It had a tinny sound in the speakers  Dec 24, 2012 By Lynne K. DeFouw
The turn table didn't work and the speakers sound bad and the whole thing seemed cheap. We just were not happy with it.

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